The Caribbean-Canada Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue (CCELD) 2015 was the second Dialogue that partnered Canada with the Caribbean region and Bermuda, bringing together communities which provided a diverse leadership learning experience. 59 high-caliber women and men from business, labour, government and civil society, representing 13 Caribbean countries and four Canadian provinces completed 14 days of learning which commenced on October 4, 2015.

Under the theme, Leading Through Innovation and Transformation the participants explored important strategic areas of:
social inclusion
globalization vs. localization
ethics and good governance
integrating technology
collaborative leadership
embracing the lessons of failure

In groups of 12, they travelled for two weeks to communities and workplaces in five Canadian locations and five Caribbean countries, where they took part in intense study tours. The Dialogue provided participants with a shared experience and interest in shaping the development of their sectors, nations and the region, as well as connected them with experienced leaders and mentors from a variety of backgrounds. It gave them a significant and personal exposure to many people they are otherwise unlikely to connect with in ordinary circumstances.

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