Hemi Mitic MVO
H.M. Consilium

Hemi Mitic recently retired from his position as Assistant to the President of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) and is currently a Labour Relations consultant. Hemi started as a welder at a Lear Corp. auto parts plant in Kitchener, Ont., in 1967. He became president of Local 1524 and eventually led the region's labour council before joining the CAW staff in 1981. Appointed as national director of organizing in 1986 and then as an assistant to president in 1992 until his departure in 2009.

Mr. Mitic has extensive experience with The Duke of Edinburgh Commonwealth Study Conferences. He is an alumnus of the 1980 Duke of Edinburgh's Commonwealth Study Conference (CSC) where he was a Group Chair. He was a member, along with other 1980 CSC alumni, of the founding committee of the Governor General's Canadian Leadership Development Conference in 1983 and continues as a Director of that organization. He was Co-Chair of the 1998 Commonwealth Study Conference held in Canada. He was a member of the Canadian alumni group that completed the book “Leadership in the Making…the 50 year history of The Duke of Edinburgh Commonwealth Study Conferences” in 2006.

Hemi, along with Robert Taylor, were the originators of the plans for the Caribbean-Canada Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue (CCELD). Hemi is a director of CCELD Canada Inc. and a member of the Coordinating Committee and was the chief fundraiser for the conference. Through his extensive labour leadership contacts he was of great assistance in helping to get CSC alumni and Labour organizations in Canada and in Caribbean countries involved in planning, funding and organizing the CCELD which was held in 2011.

He currently serves as Board Member of the Renascent Foundation, a drug and alcohol treatment organization.

In 2008 the Queen honoured him with an MVO (Member of the Royal Victorian Order) for his work with the Commonwealth Study Conferences.