CCELD 2015 Tour Group Reports

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In order to facilitate innovation and transformation in their organizations, communities and societies, leaders must create the space – both physical and metaphorical. Within this context our group heard from leaders in all sectors of society in Toronto, Canada and throughout Grenada speak of their challenges and opportunities.

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To develop true leadership skills, one must challenge the comfort of their normative disposition. September 20 – September 30 marked an important step in that direction for five (5) Canadian and seven (7) Caribbean nationals who participated in the CCELD 2015.

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Team Three travelled to Halifax, Nova Scotia and Trinidad and Tobago. The group visited 10 sites and met with 15 organizations and individuals in Nova Scotia prior to visiting 13 sites in Trinidad and Tobago.

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The participants of the CCELD tour to Sudbury and The Bahamas experienced an incredible life journey. From going down two kil ometers deep into the earth to exposure to the mighty Caribbean Sun (and a close call with Hurricane Joaquin). The Group, through dialogues with innovative world - class leaders, learned valuable leadership lessons. The pace was at times grueling, but the end result was undeniably rewarding.

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CCELD Group #5 embarked on a study tour on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The 11 members-strong group experienced a mixture of apprehension and excitement because we had no idea what to expect from an intense study tour schedule that would take us through 13 site visits in Ottawa and 16 site visits in Barbados, a total of 29 visits in seven days.